Collaboration with Fashion BA (Hons) Degree students at Liverpool School of Art & Design, Liverpool John Moores University.

Plexus has been involved in various panels, speaking engagements and associations with students (in particular those of L.J.M.U.) for many years.  We realise that to support change, we must start with education. 

Young designers want to learn more about supply chains and how to ensure that their products and brands offer traceability from the field to the finished goods.  As a result, they have been enthusiastic about Plexus' "Field to Fashion" development in sub-Saharan Africa.

In turn, we have learned a great deal from the students in terms of what is possible and what trends are coming our way. 

We have been extremely impressed with the quality of teaching at the University, and with its commitment to keeping pace with change in a rapidly evolving field, and making sure that its students are fully equipped for the future.


Prize-winning video submission by:  Rachel Worsley, Ellie Meskell, Anna Hodgson, Chloe Oldham, Katie Hughes, Amie Rogers, Louise Keatley, Justyna Kajma, Robyn Wilson.


Paul Owen, Senior Lecturer Fashion Communication:

"The Fashion BA (Hons) Fashion programme has been collaborating with Plexus Cotton since early 2014.
Over the years a variety of projects have been produced, from responding to trends with innovative garment collection design, recycling denim for editorial photoshoots, and African print workshops, to talks, seminars and discussions on production, ethics, value, sustainability and the supply chain.
Most recently, the challenge was to develop strategies ‘to change the way the world looks at cotton’ for the new chapter in Plexus Cotton’s future.  
We led six project groups of third year Fashion Communication students, challenging the way Plexus could engage with Retailers, Investors and Governments. We asked students to develop visual communication concepts to engage with these audiences. Once these had been formulated, they were presented back to Plexus."
"The concepts developed included traditional marketing campaigns, events, visual merchandising, brand collaboration projects, social media content, flagship store window display, film, and editorial features.
The opportunity to work with forward thinking clients such as Plexus Cotton is a great experience for our students. It gives exposure, context and perspective to how projects work in the ‘real’ world. The process not only builds of the technical skills needed for industry but also builds on the soft skills often forgotten, such as presentation and communication as they respond to the brief. 
Initial response from Plexus has been incredible, with the potential for a number of elements in the project to be taken on further, which we are all looking forward to. Plexus have also been very generous with their time and resources, having sponsored the project through financial donation, which our students receive."

Prize-winning video submission by: Yolanda Edwards, Alice McGreevy, Jess Sharpe, Olivia McKenzie, Lauren Welch


Fashion BA (Hons)
Liverpool School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University