Great Lakes Cotton Company In Tree Planting Ceremony

January is tree—planting month in Malawi.  Plexus Group company Great Lakes Cotton Company Limited (GLCC), one of the leading ginning companies in Malawi, participated in the tree planting exercise.  It took place at Sakhwi Full Primary School in area of Traditional Authority Kalonga, on Tuesday 13th January 2015.

1,600 tree seedlings of various species were planted at the school and 400 seedlings of Nsangu (scientifically known as Faidherbia albida) were given to a women’s group in the same area with the aim of boosting soil fertility.  In total 2,000 tree seedlings were provided to this area.

GLCC annually participates in the Tree Planting Exercise as a way of giving back to the community.  Heinrich Potani, the Company's Crop Production Manager, led the team in planting trees this year. GLCC has planted 6,000 tree seedlings across the country in 2014, with an emphasis on species that add fertility to the soil.  GLCC encourages its contracted farmers to take measures for preserving nature.

At the tree planting ceremony, Heinrich Potani advised the school management, pupils, women’s groups and local leadership to own and take good care of the trees.  He also advised them to stop cutting down trees and burning charcoal.

He encouraged the community and contracted farmers present to grow and take good care of their cotton fields in order to produce more cotton and sell it to GLCC so that its Sustainability & Development programs chould be sustained.