Ginning Operations

Mozambique cotton production is unique in the region, being based on a concession system. Plexus’ operations are in northern Mozambique, with the concession covering Cabo Delgado & Nampula provinces. Today, we are the biggest single employer in the region and the largest cotton producer in the country.

Plexus operates two ginneries in Mozambique with a combined capacity of around 60,000MT of seed cotton. During the season we employ over 1,600 people in field and ginning operations. We have developed extensive farmer contact networks and systems to enable education, training and the provision of key inputs. All of this is designed to increase yields, crops and incomes for the 90,000 farmers with whom we work.

Sustainable production

Plexus Mozambique Lda (PML) was part of the Competitive African Cotton Initiative (COMPACI) within which it worked to increase farmer productivity & cotton quality through the promotion of good agricultural practices and the strengthening of sustainable cultivation. Since the program’s completion these principles have remained at the core of PML’s operations.

The cotton produced in Mozambique is Cotton Made in Africa–verified and BCI-compliant. Plexus has established relationships with brands and retailers in order to develop sustainable cotton supply-chains and provide consumers with the transparency and audited sustainability credentials that the market increasingly demands.