Sustainable Cotton Operations

In Uganda, Plexus operates two cotton companies: North Bukedi Cotton Company (NBCC) in Mbale, & Western Uganda Cotton Company (WUCC) in Kasese.

Plexus supplies Fine Spinners Uganda cotton directly through the supply programmes set up with the government to create the first African field to fashion initiative.  Working initially as part of COMPACI (the Competitive African Cotton Initiative) we implemented the country’s first Cotton Made in Africa verified production at WUCC in Kasese .

Read the latest Sustainability Report from WUCC.

Sustainable Textile Production

Plexus brings cotton production expertise, sustainability credentials, development agency backing and retailer/brand relationships to partners in textile production who wish to make their operations as sustainable as possible.

These Field to Fashion operations:

  • eliminate the waste and cost of transporting component materials between manufacturing sites across the globe,

  • benefit from export incentives including AGOA

  • are a model for Plexus' value-adding investment in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • are reliant upon the garment producer acting in a transparent and responsible manner