"Consumers see social and environmental product provenance as a minimum requirement, not a premium-priced extra."

Sustainability considerations are a part of modern life. In the complex cotton supply chain, sustainability covers a great variety of factors: from water conservation in the field through labour conditions in the factories to energy efficiency in the retail outlets.  

Retailers and brands are expected to understand, audit and stand behind their supply chains, all the way to the farmer’s field.  They need reliable & cost-efficient structures by which to do so, and Plexus' integrated value chain activities are designed to achieve exactly this.  Integrated African production is the perfect response to the increasing demand for ethically sourced products, with the emphasis on increasing the continent’s value proposition through poverty eradication and job creation.

Initiatives like CMIA (Cotton Made in Africa) and the BCI (the Better Cotton Initiative) have worked to define standards and generate traceability in the sourcing of cotton, thereby creating more sustainable value distribution throughout the chain.  As a result their work is central to the Plexus Group’s sustainability & development activities.

Through our integrated cotton production and textile manufacturing models we are extending sustainability beyond the small-holder African farmer and beyond the niche market, into the global sustainable cotton value-chain.  In so doing, we are developing infrastructure and relationships that can benefit partner producers of sustainable cotton from other parts of the world.

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